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Aura review

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In a Nutshell

Aura’s combined antivirus and VPN plan provides protection for your device and Wi-Fi network along with 24/7 expert support for as little as $18 per year. Its all-in-one plans offer additional protection such as $1 million identity theft insurance, online account monitoring, and social security number monitoring. Aura offers all its antivirus and VPN features in one easy app for Windows and MacOS (with VPN also available for Android and iOS).


  • Choice of antivirus + VPN or full protection
  • 24/7/365 expert support


  • Mobile app doesn’t include antivirus features (yet)
  • Multiple pricing plans are a little confusing

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  • Features: Full featured protection

  • Ease of Use: Easy for users

  • Reliability: Above average

  • Value: Just above average

  • Money Back Guarantee: 60 days (with annual plans)

Best For

  • Antivirus, secure VPN and ID theft protection in one plan

  • Protecting lots of connected devices

  • Trying out service with long free trial and money-back guarantee

Why Choose Aura

Aura’s tiered pricing model gives you the choice of using antivirus and VPN only or getting additional protection against threats like ID theft and financial fraud.

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What Aura Offers

  • Antivirus and malware protection

  • Secure VPN

  • $1 million identity theft insurance

  • Online account monitoring

  • SSN monitoring

  • Password monitoring

  • Credit monitoring

  • 24/7 customer support

  • White glove fraud resolution (premium plans)


Aura’s Antivirus plans offer antivirus and VPN protection only. Aura’s antivirus software detects and isolates viruses, ransomware, trojans, and other types of malware to secure your devices and data. The VPN secures your Wi-Fi connection with military-grade encryption, keeping your activity hidden from cyber criminals and hackers. Furthermore, it stops you from entering potential scam or phishing sites that can steal your personal or financial information.

Aura’s All-in-One Protection plans offer antivirus, VPN protection, and a range of additional features. These include: $1 million insurance coverage to cover eligible losses and fees due to identity theft; notification if your online accounts have been compromised; notification if your registered accounts (e.g. SSN, passport) have been compromised; password storage in one convenient place; and 3-bureau credit monitoring.

Ease of Use

Aura’s Windows and macOS desktop apps offer antivirus and VPN. The Android and iOS apps only include VPN (although antivirus will soon be available on Android). These apps comprise user-friendly dashboards where you can take actions (e.g. do a malware scan, connect to a secure VPN) and see critical data (e.g. threats resolved in recent scans, your connected networks).

When you sign up to an All-in-One plan, ID theft protection and financial fraud protection work in the background while you go about your daily business. If Aura detects a problem (e.g. your SSN has been used for a high-risk activity such as taking out a payday loan, or your ID is found for sale on the dark web), you’ll receive instant notification.


Price (billed annually)




Antivirus + VPN

Antivirus Family



Antivirus + VPN

All-in-One - Basic



Antivirus + VPN + Basic ID Theft Protection

All-in-One - Total



Antivirus + VPN + Basic ID Theft Protection + Financial Fraud Protection

All-in-One - Ultimate



Antivirus + VPN + Basic ID Theft Protection + Financial Fraud Protection + White Glove Resolution

The Antivirus plans offer full antivirus and VPN features. The only difference between the two plans is the number of devices: the cheaper Antivirus plan provides protection for up to five devices, while the Antivirus Family plan covers up to 10 devices.

The All-in-One plans offer additional protection. Basic includes online account monitoring, personal information and SSN monitoring, $1 million ID theft insurance coverage, lost wallet remediation, and password monitoring. Total throws in 3-bureau credit monitoring, a monthly credit score update, and bank account monitoring. Ultimate throws in home title and address monitoring, criminal and court records monitoring, 401k and investment account monitoring, 3-bureau annual credit report, and white-glove fraud resolution.

Value for Money

At $1.50-$2.50 per month ($18-$30 per year) for a combined antivirus and secure VPN solution, Aura provides good value for money. The Basic All-in-One plan is also well priced for what you get, although the Total and Ultimate plans are a little on the expensive side despite the wide range of features included.

Help and Support

Aura’s customer support team is available 24/7 via phone or email to deal with technical or billing-related issues. Premium users get white-glove fraud resolution from a U.S.-based team of expert case managers. The Aura website has an extensive FAQ section with answers to frequently asked questions about its device and network protection, family protection, credit and fraud protection, and identity theft protection services.

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Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a functional antivirus and VPN solution that gives you full protection for your devices and network, then Aura is a good option. Aura doesn’t offer thousands of servers like other VPN providers, but that’s the point. It exists to provide security at a low monthly price without bombarding you with other features you don’t want – and at $18 to $30 per month for a combined antivirus/VPN solution, it’s a great value proposition.

About Aura

Aura is a mission-driven technology company dedicated to creating a safer internet for everyone. We believe that people should be able to live with the peace of mind that their identity, online accounts and devices will remain safe, private and protected, no matter where they go. With an easy to use, integrated suite of services trusted by more than one million customers, Aura makes all-in-one digital security accessible to all.'s editorial staff is a professional team of editors and writers with dozens of years of experience covering consumer, financial and business products and services.

Aura customer reviews

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Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

Top Reviews

Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

3 months ago

Aura's online security feature comes with a premium VPN solution that protects your privacy online with a military-grade encryption. It hides your IP address and allows you surf the internet with confidence.

3 months ago

Aura theft protection ensures the protection of your identity and fixes all problems on all of my devices.

3 months ago

I love using them because they are constantly working to protect my identity. They are always taking extra measures to keep your information confidential.

3 months ago

It's a great service, I am so satisfied and I really feel safer knowing I have them on all of my devices.

3 months ago

Aura is a great product that is very trusted, and I would recommend it to family and friends.

3 months ago

Aura is a great brand when it comes to identity theft protection. It has saved me from many different fraud situations, and it's a great brand. I will recommend it to people.

3 months ago

It protects against identity theft when you're the most vulnerable and you let your guard down. It also protects against viruses.

3 months ago

Aura is one of the best priced antivirus software available. It will alert you to any suspicious behavior online and keeps your information secure.

3 months ago

I like that Aura tells you when something has gone wrong in the server. When something happens it gives you a message right then and there.

3 months ago

I prefer using the app "Aura" for my identity theft protection. It protects all of my information and for privacy protection I rate them a 10.

4 months ago

Aura's antivirus software has helped me out a lot because many of the sites I visit have viruses and it stops them.

4 months ago

I like that Aura provides a suite of security products such as identity theft and credit and financial fraud protection, a VPN, antivirus software for malware protection, and a password manager services all in one application.

4 months ago

Aura's customer service is one of a kind. At a time when so many companies don't bother to have good service they do.

4 months ago

It's a great ID theft software because of the comprehensive security services it offers. With it everything is good and I feel my information is very secure.

4 months ago

With Aura I get a better deal and a quality product. They are not all the same, and for me Aura is the best.

4 months ago

I tried Aura for a short test period on my phone to see how well it worked and it was amazing. It worked so well at keeping my information secure and alerting me to any questionable sites. The cost was very affordable and I would recommend this to anyone looking for good ID theft protection.

4 months ago

It's great at identifying any threats and takes responsibility for any information breaches while using its product.

4 months ago

Helps keep my data safe and provides great digital security services. It is worth the subscription price.

4 months ago

There are very good at their job, I never had any computer virus problems after I started the using with them.

4 months ago

I think they have a good system in how they operate, I believe they are a great company at protecting my identity.

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