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Antivirus Security News

Our cyber security tips are designed to help make you aware of your security and help protect your computer and information.

The Best Antivirus Software for Your Android

More than 80% of phones sold every year are Androids, making them a particularly popular target for viruses and malware. Most Android viruses make ...
Jan. 11, 2024

What Is the Best Antivirus Software of 2024?

Staying safe online has never been more challenging. Even large brands like Facebook and Apple are fighting security problems. You don’t have to ab...
Jan. 11, 2024

How Norton Small Business Can Keep You Safe From Cybercrime

Small business owners face a number of hurdles that can sink a company before it ever takes off. In recent years, hackers have zeroed in on small b...
Jun. 04, 2023

The Benefits of Full Antivirus Vs. Free Antivirus

It can be a nice feeling to find something for free that we would normally cost us a bit of money. Free antivirus software does offer a reasonable ...
Jun. 04, 2023

Antivirus vs. Internet Security: The 5 Best Software Solutions

Online security is more critical than ever. While antivirus solutions protect you from viruses, internet security protects you from many other form...
Jun. 04, 2023

McAfee vs. Windows Defender: Which Antivirus Software Rules?

Getting the best antivirus software is more important than most of the features your PC-dealer will talk up when trying to sell you a computer or o...
Jun. 04, 2023

Malware Endangers Your Computer, Data and Identity

What's the worst that could happen if your computer gets infected by malware? Different viruses do different things, so the impact depends on which...
Jun. 04, 2023

How to Choose the Best Parental Control Software

Good antivirus software will do a lot more than just protect your computer from things like viruses and spyware.
May. 23, 2022

Why You Still Need PC Tune-up Software for Windows 10

If you’re using Windows 10 then you may have taken a look at tune-up tools to help keep your computer running as quick as it was the day you bought...
May. 23, 2022

PC Tune-up Software: Does It Really Work?

If you’re looking at speeding up the operation of your computer, then you may already have come across a category of software known as PC tune-up t...
May. 23, 2022

The Best Tune-up Utilities to Make Your PC Run Faster

If your Windows PC has ground to a near standstill then you’re probably already in the market for a cleanup solution. In fact, you probably want to...
May. 23, 2022

Protect What Matters With the Best Antivirus Software for Families

Since 2015, more than 689 million individuals have found themselves the victim of a cyber crime. In today’s digital age, you cannot afford to let y...
May. 23, 2022

Ultimate Guide to the 5 Best Small Business Antivirus

No business is too small for an online presence. A website and social media accounts increase a company’s exposure and interaction with customers, ...
Apr. 17, 2022

Antivirus Software Comparison: McAfee vs. Norton vs. Bitdefender

From shopping online to video streaming and casual browsing, without a good antivirus software, your private details are ripe for the picking.Fortu...
Apr. 17, 2022

Malware: Save Yourself Today!

Even the best anti-malware software is not infallible, so without some sort of protection, your computer is pretty much dead in the water. The ever...
Apr. 17, 2022

Kaspersky vs. Malwarebytes: The Head-to-Head Antivirus Battle

You’ve got a top-notch laptop and the best smartphone money can buy, but who’s got your six? An ironclad antivirus service is a top priority these ...
Apr. 17, 2022

Do I Need Antivirus Software for Mac?

Apple’s Mac computers, the main rival to Microsoft Windows, are sometimes hailed as a much safer and user-friendly than PCs. Many Mac users who hav...
Apr. 17, 2022

Kaspersky vs. Bitdefender Which Antivirus Wins Out?

Looking into the best antivirus software, you’ll quickly come across Kaspersky and Bitdefender, two of the most prominent names in the industry. Wh...
Apr. 17, 2022

Avira vs. Bitdefender: Which Antivirus Wins Out

Our latest battle pits an industry giant – Bitdefender – against Avira, an antivirus product with a long line of offerings that can help you keep y...
Apr. 17, 2022

McAfee Antivirus For Small Business Security

The beginning of the end for one small US online retailer started with an email and a link to what one employee thought was a catalog. One click la...
Apr. 17, 2022

Compare: Kaspersky vs. Norton Antivirus

So you’re ready to buy an antivirus program but you’re not sure whether to choose Norton Security or Kaspersky Anti-Virus? Before you randomly pick...
Apr. 17, 2022

Best Antivirus for Small Businesses

If you’re the owner of a small business, congrats: you’re a target for cyber attacks. Nearly 50% of all cyber attacks are directed at small busines...
Apr. 14, 2022

3 Things They Never Tell You About Free Antivirus Software

You don’t know about everything you’re missing when you only have free antivirus software.
Mar. 29, 2022

Choosing the Best Internet Security 2024

If you want to protect the files on your computer, as well as your personal information, you’re going to need to take measures to defend yourself. ...
Mar. 27, 2022

3 Ways to Prevent Hackers From Taking Over Your Devices

In 2021, more than half of all consumers fell victim to cybercrime (Norton). Instead of joining the statistic, protect your data and security start...
Mar. 20, 2022

Steer Clear of Online Threats- Antivirus Software to the Rescue

These days, everybody needs antivirus software.
Feb. 23, 2022