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Last UpdatedSep 2022

Best PC Cleaner & Tune-Up Services 2022
Make your computer run like new again

Even the fastest computers will slow down if not properly cared for. Compare the best PC cleaner and tune-up services to restore speed & performance.

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PC Cleaners and Tune-Up Services: A Quick Primer

There’s nothing more aggravating than a lagging computer. We pay a lot for our PCs and expect them to run at peak performance. But unfortunately, there are times when they simply won’t cooperate. 

If your PC is experiencing problems with speed and performance, it’s possible that it simply needs a tune-up. PC tune-ups are applications that essentially locate and resolve all the gunk that slows down our computers and sets our nerves on edge. 

The result? A PC that performs swiftly and efficiently, practically leaping at every stroke of the key and allowing you to do your work without those teeth-grinding lags, freezes, and crashes. 

What can cleaners and tune-up applications do for me?

For one thing, they’ll save you time. For another, they’ll save you frustration. And lastly, they might save you money that you’d otherwise spend on repairs or extra storage space further down the road. 

Here’s how. PC cleanup apps target a number of problem areas in your PC that may be contributing to its weaker performance. These may include duplicate files, damaged files, bloated or unnecessary software, and junk files. 

Benefits of a PC tune-up include:

  • Quicker boot-up time 
  • Faster speeds
  • Apps launch instantaneously
  • No freezes or lags
  • Increased storage space
  • Decreased likelihood of your computer crashing

Signs that your PC needs a tune-up

You may notice after some time that your PC isn’t running as smoothly as it did when you first purchased it. To some extent this is natural: the more apps and files we download, the more the operating system starts to lag. But that doesn’t mean we have to settle for slow performance. When you notice any of these things, it may be time for a tune-up:

  • PC is slow to boot up
  • Apps are slow to launch or respond
  • Windows errors
  • Your computer freezes or frequently requires restarts

How do I choose the best PC Cleaner and Tune-Up?

There are a few key differences between tune-up applications that make them better or worse for any one individual user. If you’re more of a casual user, you may prefer an all-in-one tune-up that scans everything at once and performs the necessary changes. Tech-savvy PC owners, however, may prefer a program that allows them to customize a scan, choose which actions to take, and view reports that detail their OS’s state of health and functionality.

Price is another factor. Some companies offer free tune-ups and cleaning services, while others offer more comprehensive services with subscriptions and routine cleanings. More advanced tune-up programs offer alerts, file shredders, detailed reports, and extra features such as real-time notifications that alert you to possible unwanted files. 

Ultimately, choosing a PC tune-up app depends on your desired level of involvement. Though the more advanced programs will be more responsive and comprehensive, even a simple tune-up app from a reliable vendor can help your computer perform at peak levels.

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